I would like to personally welcome you to A Healing Place – The Estates.  It has been among my greatest aspirations to bring together a world-class, multidisciplinary team of professionals who have the expertise, dedication, and empathy to help people with chronic pain.

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A Healing Place – The Estates and its Triple Diagnosis Chronic Pain Management Program is a comprehensive system of treatment that addresses the unique challenges of individuals suffering from chronic pain, addictive behaviors, and psychological disorders, including related trauma and PTSD. We offer a synergistic system of care using a Psycho / Social / Spiritual approach with Medical Oversight that is combined with evidence-based holistic modalities.

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A Healing Place – The Estates has assembled an outstanding multidisciplinary team with unmatched expertise in the art and science of chronic pain management and coexisting disorders. We have the experience and compassion to help patients transform and find freedom from suffering.

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A Healing Place – The Estates uses customized treatment plans that address the “Triple Diagnosis” of chronic pain, psychological, and addictive behaviors, including related trauma and PTSD.. We offer a full continuum of care for psychological, social and spiritual treatment with medical oversight.

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Our integrated and concurrent treatment program has its foundation in our proprietary Addiction-Free Pain Management® Treatment System that is based on over 75 years of cognitive behavioral research on treating substance use problems, as well as incorporating many of the evidence-based chronic pain management treatment protocols.  We consider the whole person – on biological, psychological, social and spiritual levels – when creating customized treatment plans that are collaborations between our treatment team and the patient.

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